Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baseball Ticket Giveaway

I have, through hotel stays for work, earned a $40 credit towards the purchase of Major League Baseball tickets or merchandise. While Canada does have one MLB team, I don't have any interest in attending a game, and the only baseball-related merchandise that appeals to me is hot dogs. So why did I register for this hotel promotion?

I registered so I could give away the tickets to one of my wonderful blog readers, of course. If baseball tickets are something that make you happy, leave a comment persuading me that you are the best representative of my readership to receive the gift code. The credit is applicable only towards merchandise or regular season games, and expires after a year, on 30 September 2009.


nec Timide said...

Wow. Nice touch. Though baseball isn't my thing so I'll let others try for it. I have been to one MLB game, at Camden yards. Every one should see at least one.

david said...

OK, I'm only a lukewarm baseball fan, but how about my daughter, a 12-year-old girl who is a fanatical member of Red Sox Nation? She lives for baseball, watches 1-2 games on TV every night that she's not playing herself or attending the local minor-league park, wears Red Sox jewelry and clothing to school (including her backpack), and was not only the starting first baseman for her summer competitive Little League team, but the only girl on the field for any team throughout the tournaments and the district playdowns.

I took her to three different MLB ballparks this season (with some help from the family plane), and she will definitely attend more next year.

Anonymous said...

Awesome give away.

Whoever wins should get a ticket at the Rogers Centre in toronto.

That way, when you fly into the Toronto City Centre airport, you are literally a 15 min walk away from the park.

Plus the view of the city in the circuit is awesome!

Callsign Echo said...

Obviously, I am the best representative of the demographic your blog is reaching. I'm female, I'm a pilot, I'm a baseball fan, I'm a BLOGGER.... If your readers had a union, I'd be president. For that matter if young female blogging aviatrices had an organization, I'd be the posterperson.

CLEARLY, I deserve the title.

and the tickets.

Anonymous said...

I love baseball (or is it loved? the sport broke my heart several years ago) -- and, Aviatrix, your blog is one of the highlights of my day and always an inspiration.

But, instead of an entry for myself, I'd like to throw my support to David's daughter. There's nothing like being 12 and being in love with baseball...and it's a great time to love the Red Sox.

Marc C. said...

Since I live in KC (boo, Royals) and consider myself a devoted member of Red Sox nation, I have to vote for the David's 12 year old daughter. I have fond memories of Fenway Park in the 70's.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Echo, I vote for David's daughter. I was going to suggest it go the youngest reader. This is the next best thing. ;)


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I echo for David's daughter. Mine is a rabid Colts fan and since we live in LA we have no football fan. Our baseball teams are mediocre at best.
The Red Sox nation should show the country how fans (*outside Green Bay) act.
1 vote for David's daughter!


Anonymous said...

I definitely put my vote in for David's daughter. I wish my parents had helped me in my hobbies when I was a kid.

Callsign Echo said...

Okay, obviously, strident selfish rhetoric is gonna get me nowhere with this crowd. Some cute kid with an endearing passion for sports is my competition...? That's okay, I can be graceful in defeat.

Alright...Maybe the rugrat will enjoy the tickets more, since I never played, don't watch games that often, and wouldn't be caught dead wearing baseball jewelry. (Now, FSU merch...that's a different story).

BUT! I still maintain my bid for "Posterperson for Readers of Aviatrix's Blog"

I'm not budging on that one. :P