Monday, July 04, 2005

Hoping for the Hollywood Ending

I found out from a pilot who has flown with the company for years that my name is on the Ichneumon flight training schedule already.

I'd been telling myself not to get my hopes up, not to count those unhatched chickens, that quite possibly I'd only been called to the groundschool because they wanted to have a look at the insane lunatic who belonged to the resume I submitted. And all along, or at least since that flight schedule came out, they've been planning to train me on their beautiful airplanes.

I know, you guys expected it all along. But remember, this is real life, not a Hollywood movie. If it were a Hollywood movie I'd be checking my watch against the run time of the movie saying, "okay, she's had the setback because she refused to lie, she's had the resolution of that, she's had the major injury, now is there enough time left in the movie for her to lose this job and get a better one, or just enough time for her to recover from the injury by pure tenacity and then get this job?" In real life sometimes the ending is really stupid and unfulfilling. I hope this is a good movie.

I have had so many disappointments. Someday, from the security of a good job, I'll tell you about them.

And in other news, space shuttle commander Eileen Collins is getting ready for a launch into outer space, but she chickened out and came back down the stairs after standing in line for a waterslide. There's one aviatrix who is not going to do anything that isn't safely under her control, even in the glare of world media while the fate of the US space program hinges on this mission. Good for her.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. You'll be OK.

Greybeard said...

Have you read my post on PMA?
(Positive Mental Attitude).
I suspect you are one of those folks that others likes to be around.....good things happen to you and to those around you because you leave the door open for them to happen. This includes having the discipline to do the things that are necessary for all the keys to fall into place.
Don't be conflicted!
Keep your goal in mind and keep striving.
You've had a speed bump irritate you, and others might be frustrated by that.
I suspect you won't.
Keep us up to date!

Aviatrix said...

I so believe that Greybeard. One of the reasons I started an aviation blog is that I started a hobby blog a year or so ago and in that year the most truly amazing things happened in that hobby, things no one would have ever predicted, and I believe a large part was because I was focusing that daily energy on it. So Now I'm focusing daily energy on being a successful pilot and things are happening.

Old Blind Dog said...

Thanks for the link on Eileen Collins. I printed the story out for my 11 y.o. daughter, whose ambition is to be a pilot like dad. As for you, I have no doubt that you will make it through.