Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Now on e-Bay

The Global Sky Air Charter Corporation (website "temporarily unavailable") is for sale on e-Bay. No aircraft are included in the e-Bay auction description, but their Pilot Career Center listing claims a rather eclectic collection of aircraft, not entirely what you'd expect from an executive charter company:

LR25 LearJet ExecJet
BE20 Beech Super King Air Turboprop
C421-C Cessna Golden Eagle Twin
C340-A Cessna 340 Twin
DC3 Douglas Transport
BE18 Beech 18 Freighter
BN2A Britten Norman Islander

Another website listing the sale includes one aircraft, the Cessna 421-C from the above list, in the list of assets. The description in the e-Bay ad, makes the company sound like a faltering start-up, but who would start a company with such a bizarre fleet? I'm thinking hobby airline, or possibly a money laundering scheme for an import business, considering its Florida location.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! They've got a DC3!