Friday, April 01, 2005

I Got A New Job!

I'm so excited I can hardly type.

I made another call to Badger this past week, and succeeded in reaching Mr. Flight Operations, and he consented to talk to me. Good thing it was rainy this week, so I could sneak out of work to interview one day and sim the next.

Geez, I am such a terrible liar. I'm trying really hard to write a post to go with the above headline, but even with my fingers, even when you can't see my face, I can't choke out a convincing pretence that I managed to parlay a telephone call into a job, when I didn't. It's too hard on my organs of guilt.

Happy April Fool's Day. I have the same job as before. And you know if you're on my plane and I say, "Nothing to worry about folks, everything is under control," that everything *is* under control, because there is no way I can lie and fly and airplane at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I was all excited then. Bah!

If you're up for looking further afield, Air Atlantique, fly historical aircraft, DC3s among them. I don't know if they have any jobs available but they might be worth an e-mail.

Good luck with the job hunt anyway.

Anonymous said...

hahah, just make sure you fail to lie and succeed at flying the plane.

"Ladies and gentlemen, everything is perfectly OK and there isn't a mountain hurtling towards my forehead"

I'd definitely rather you failed to reassure us but avoided the mountain, than the other way round.