Saturday, April 23, 2005

Every Two Days?!

During my Yellowknife trip I that I learned that Air Vizcacha hires a lot of people with my qualifications. Today I followed up the e-mail conversation mentioned yesterday by telephone and found out that they were training now, but they'd consider me if anyone didn't work out. Realizing that I should have contacted them earlier, maybe March or even February, I asked when I should call for the best chance of being hired for the season. The answer I got was the answer to a different question, and revealed that I am not even in the ballpark for nagging adequacy. He said, "Every two weeks after May. Every two days before then."

Holy firetrucks. I guess the strategy is to annoy them so much that they hire you to make you stop calling.

P.S. Some unfortunate individual found this blog this morning by searching for "IFR+headwind+timing." Maybe I should put a larger disclamer on that collection of posts. "No one really does this! Aviatrix is just exercising her algebra and trigonometry!"

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