Monday, February 28, 2005

Squawk What?

The laws governing radio communications in Canada clearly state that it is an offence to divulge the contents of radio transmissions. Yet another reason for me to maintain an anonymous blog.

Overheard on the radio today:

"Tower, confirm squawk seven three four eight for Flight 123"

"Flight 123, I'm pretty sure your transponder doesn't go up to eight. Try seven three four five."

For non-pilots, that whooshing sound is the funny bit going over your head, because I didn't feel like explaining transponders today.


Anonymous said...

Whoosh! *ducks*. "What the f*ck was that?* ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Finally some hilarity to which I can relate! :)

N1234A: Charlottesville Tower, Cessna 1234A requesting taxi instructions.

TWR: Cessna 34A, Charlottesville Tower. Release brakes, add power, and steer with your feet.

N1234A: [long pause] Roger that. Request taxi CLEARANCE, departure northeast.