Friday, February 11, 2005

Glass Cockpit

A few days ago I promised to say more about an opportunity I may have to train towards a new type rating. It's a type not flown by many companies in Canada, so identifying it by name would make it more difficult for me to be vague and mysterious. Maybe I'll call it the Z92.

The Z92 is a glass cockpit airplane, which means that instead of having little spring and pressure driven needles and dials on the instrument panel, all the flight information is displayed on computer screens. This type happens to be the first glass cockpit airplane I ever saw, and that first time I saw it I gasped audibly in amazement. Now I'm steeled for the experience, so when I arrive at the international training centre to learn to fly it I'll only gasp inwardly.

Whom am I kidding? I'm already drooling on my keyboard and hyperventilating like a landed fish at the very idea. This is one extremely exciting airplane. I'm going to the post office now.

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