Thursday, January 01, 2015


At the end of the year I usually check on the progress of my New Year's resolutions, and then make new ones. I did make eight resolutions for 2014, but they were all personal, not aviation, and I'm not telling you exactly what they were, so this will be dull, or at least cryptic:

1. Achieved: A+
2. Social - 71% achieved (51% before the middle of April and 10% after the beginning of November): B-
3. Academic - never set measurable goals, even though that was part of the resolution, achieved maybe 20% anyway: F
4. Fun - 58% (25% before the end of March and 25% during December): C-
5. Ha ha ha ... I don't think that one lasted to the end of New Year's Day: Withdrawn
6. Physical - Achieved by the beginning of March. Now EXACTLY back where I started. I still think that's still a pass, because I did achieve it: C
7. Speed - Negative progress: F
8. Martial arts - Did really well until April 6th, then lost momentum, and had to work through both the events I was supposed to be training for - 40%: F

The general theme is that I kept them well until work got busy and then life became entirely sleep, eat, plan, fly, laundry. I think I just have to not make resolutions that involve doing anything not on that list on a recurring basis through the year. For next year I am going to set month-by-month goals that allow for no progress to be made during peak months, and encourage me to pick things up again as my time increases at the end of the season, without feeling defeated.

Qausuittuq means "place where the sun does not rise" but it's on this post because the place that bears that traditional name is usually called Resolute.


Garrett said...

Happy new year! I haven't made a resolution yet, I suppose I should resolve to do so. Hope the personal stuff and the flying goes well in 2015!

5400AirportRdSouth said...

I read an interesting article recently about breaking large tasks or goals down into very small components in order to make incremental progress. My resolution for this year is to try and apply that principle to some of the resolutions I've been dragging around fruitlessly for a few uses now. Good luck with yours, and happy new year!

5400AirportRdSouth said...

*few years now

Unknown said...

I read the name as "where the sun does not shine", which is where I might put my new year's resolutions after about March.

A quick re-read sorted me out, nad I thought it was amusing enough to share.

Sarah said...

Happy New Year! While I admire the resolute idea, my new year's resolution is the same as last years: about 400 arcseconds. ( joke shamelessly stolen from Phil Plait )