Tuesday, April 01, 2014


My thanks go to regular reader Sarah for linking me to this article on the Canadian Forces Celebritail programme. I haven't managed to get a blogworthy picture of one in the field, must be the subtle colours, and I don't see most of these types at all at the airports I frequent. If you know the history behind all the people honoured on the tails, then you are a connoisseur of Canadian history and culture. The funniest one is the Bieber Bomber, and its mysterious poor dispatch record. I'll bet they're extra glad they took that picture off now!


RTD8450 said...

Love them! If ONLY someone in DND had the, er, foresight to actually implement the idea, can you imagine how much positive PR would accrue to the CF? And Canada?
However, I also KNOW that should anyone with the smarts get things going, some pointy-headed accountant would take a decade to order the job done

Christopher Thompson said...

Great post! Thank you. The Count Dracula tail of the Canadian Blood Services aircraft made me laugh out loud. Not only are the images whimsical (Count Dracula) and iconic (Anne Murray) on the Snowbirds, but they are also beautiful. Thanks for the post. Completely made my day at it is just 5:40. That's saying something.


P.S. I also searched around anxiously to make sure this wasn't an April Fools prank before I reposted elsewhere. :-)

Christopher Thompson said...

Dammit. It was an April Fools joke! How did I miss that the first half-dozen times I looked. Day is ruined. :-)

Sarah said...

Still awesome. Speaking of Canadian news, did you see the Snowbirds & Blue Angels are merging their shows this year??!

Linda said...

This William Shatner was very cool. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

sean said...

I've been sitting on this for a month and a half, waiting for some time to read through all of the stories listed.

Well, didn't the box down the bottom come up as a surprise in the middle of May. :) :)