Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time Off

I arrived home, unpacked, did laundry, repacked with fancier clothes, had a vacation in which I ate fabulous meals, watched ocean waves on the beach, met up with lots of people including an old high school friend who lives on an island on the west coast and is saving the world, and got addicted to the blue potato chips (they're actually blue, made from blue potatoes) served on Jet Blue flights. Got home again, did laundry again, went hiking or had lunch or dinner or dessert with various people, didn't get organized enough to meet up with many more, and then repacked for work.

It all went by about as fast as that paragraph, but was much more fun and punctuated by many iterations of "we must do this again." The only problem with having so much fun on my time off, is that it makes me reluctant to go back to work. But then I remember that at work if conditions are suitable I fly and airplane and if they are not I can watch TV, explore new places or play on the Internet. And I like all those things. If I stayed home I would be obligated to clean the bathrooms, do home repairs, or file paperwork. So work is good.


AK said...

We once lives across the street from an AC pilot. I don't think he ever drove his Taurus, because it slowly went from new, to rusting, to sitting on the street with fully deflated tires over the course of 5 years.

(I know you're not quite that bad!)

Mats said...

I hope your vacation was longer than one day, you deserve it! Or maybe you had a week of and it´s eating up your buffer between actual time and blogging time :) Fly safe and keep blogging


Aviatrix said...

Yep, I usually skip vacation time in the blog, or spend it commenting on movies, news events and stuff I forgot to tell you about earlier. But this one was particularly fun, so I had to mention it.