Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I saw a very tall airline captain waiting for a hotel elevator today. "I hope you don't fly an RJ," I said to him, with a grin, thinking of the normal height flight attendant I'd seen recently, stooping during a meal service in the low-ceilinged CRJ-200 cabin.

"I do," he said, and stepped into the elevator with his crew before I could offer an appropriate commiseration.

Now there's a reason to pursue an upgrade.

I call the woman in charge of fuel here. There's a 20,000 litre capacity avgas tank at the airport, so assuming that there's an equal chance of any amount having being in it when we arrived, and knowing how much we take in a day, there's a fifty percent change of us alone running it dry in a week. There have been a few small singles in and out taking forty or a hundred litres at a time, too, and that also adds up. The administrator says she'll dip the tank and check. She can get an order delivered within a day of placing it, so now I won't have to worry about running out.


ZuluDelta said...

I would imagine that the FA would be expected to be standing while working while the Captain would be expected to be seated while working so perhaps your observation was over his head, as it were, based on his working perspective.

Anonymous said...

It's still a pain to worry about bumping your head on the top of the door every time you get in the plane. Especially in front of the passengers and/or flight attendants.

Jim said...

10,000 litres a week. They must love seeing you (and your airplane) coming.

Big sign at the Esso at Kingston/CYGK - free steak meal with the purchase of 500 litres.

I'll be there tomorrow, Wx Gods willing, on my first XC solo. And I'll buy perhaps 45 litres.

nec Timide said...

Smashing? Heads I guess.

It's always nice to throw some good business to an FBO.

Aviatrix said...

The captain's expression showed that he knew and rued the reason for my concern about the CRJ. It was still a dumb comment on my part, because at his height he probably had to put up with tall remarks all day. Sorry, dude.

And yes, that's what the smashing tag was about. Well caught.