Sunday, June 15, 2008

Salt Lake Saturday Nights

Do I have any readers in Salt Lake City, Utah? I'm stopping over here for a couple of days, and all I know to do is walk down and look at the big salty lake, and wander around downtown.

Edit: I did get to meet Chris; I'll blog about that later. I'll be around on Monday, too, if there's anyone who doesn't have a real job and doesn't have to be in the office Monday.


Anonymous said... lives in Salt Lake City, doesn't he?

chris said...

I'd avoid the big salty lake, were I you. There's very little to see there, and the shoreline tends to be, um, shall we say, unpleasantly aromatic.

If you want to do more than hang around in the city, there are plenty of alpine hiking trails throughout both of the nearby Cottonwood canyons (Big and Little). If hiking isn't your thing, perhaps some touristy activities at a Ski/Summer resort would be of interest.

If you have time, Utah has numerous world renowned National Parks (and many lesser-known but worthwhile State Parks) within a day's drive of SLC.

Let us know if you decide to hold a Cockpit Conversation meetup during your visit.

Bix said...

I think that going out to see the lake is quite worthwhile -- sure, it smells funny, but you can also see all of the little red shrimp that dye the water rust colored, as well as Antelope Island (big barren thing that is sometimes an island in the middle of the lake and sometimes is not) and the ruined old Saltair resort (,_Utah).

Other than that, hiking in the Cottonwood canyons is great, and the Bingham Mine is also worth a tour. And within the city itself, check out the Mormon convention center, which has a great garden on its roof.

These are all the things I do when I go to SLC (I'm from Denver). I think it's a nice little city.

Aviatrix said...

I can't go hiking anywhere I can't walk to from a hotel on the west side of the airport. There is extremely limited bus service on Sundays.

I'm quite adept at entertaining myself alone, I was actually looking for PEOPLE who wanted to meet up.

But alas, you're all busy this weekend. I'll do my paperwork.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't IN Salt Lake City, but I did get asked, while enroute from KSEA to KRNO, whether we were over the Great Salt Lake yet...