Thursday, February 16, 2006

Spy vs. Spy

I had to laugh when I read this piece on the ongoing legal battle between Westjet and Air Canada. It's like something out of Mad magazine.

Many ex-Air Canada employees still enjoy standby flight privileges on the Air Canada. They have a computer login ID and password in order to view the space available on flights, so they can identify the ones most likely to accommodate standby passengers. Westjet hired a few ex-AC people and then initiated a clever ploy whereby they used the still valid IDs and logins to systematically track passenger loads on Air Canada, competitive information that allowed Westjet to manipulate their own schedules to best attract customers from Air Canada. Air Canada found out and sued, and Westjet countersued, and so on. The long sordid tail includes everything from e-mails coded "007" to people going through each other's garbage. As far as I understand it, Westjet says that it's Air Canada's fault because they knew Westject was spying on them and didn't do anything about it.

And in other news, Air Canada is accused of further intrigue related to price fixing for internatinal cargo.

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