Monday, February 27, 2006

Euphemism of the Night

From a pilot job advertisement ...

We are looking for a responsible, self motivated person that understands and accepts the demands of the industry. [italics mine]

Ouch. Um. I won't be applying for that one. Convenient that they coded it so clearly, as it would be awkward to say flat out "Applicants must be willing to fly over gross, with known aircraft defects, in unsuitable weather."

If you want more to read, AC Pilot is sometimes a little dry, but I laughed until it hurt when I read about the Sandwich Snack.


Kris Johnson said...

When I see phrases like that in a job listing, I always wonder whether they have the deficiencies of an ex-employee in mind.

I once saw a listing saying something like "Looking for someone who isn't going to go fishing instead of meeting their deadlines." I think they were hoping a particular fishing enthusiast would run across the ad.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine recently posted an ad looking for an employee, in which he specified that he was looking for someone who could, among other things, "follow directions." The ad also stipulated that resum├ęs should be sent only in plain text or HTML, and that Word attachments and the like would be discarded unread.

It's amazing how many people chose to send him attachments in all kinds of weird formats, thereby demonstrating the wonderful job of filtering such an ad accomplishes. If you responded the wrong way, you have already demonstrated your inability to follow directions.