Friday, October 21, 2005

Simulated Injuries?

The downtime on the airplane I mentioned the other day resulted in an administrative assignment that put a simulator manual in my hand. Just as the simulator would be set up to resemble the cockpit of a real airplane, the manual was set up to resemble the flight manual for a real airplane, including flap and gear speed limitations, positive and negative G-limits, prohibitions on aerobatic flight, and power setting limitations. I was amused by the following disclaimer:

These limitations are simulated for training purposes only. They may be exceeded without risk or damage to the flight simulator, however they may not be exceeded in the aircraft without risking injury or damage.

"But I flew the simulator through several outside loops with the gear extended, and nothing happened at all when I pulled out and did a whip stall at a hundred and ninety knots. I don't see why you're so upset about me doing it in the actual aircraft!"

Lawyers, eh?


Anonymous said...

Give it a try!

Anonymous said...

The narrow-minded, basically closed mid-west mind is amazed at the concept of a woman pilot. Very cool indeed.

:) said...

An aircraft manual that I used to reference stated: With (such and such a) failure, (manufacturer) "guarantees landing at or near a suitable aerodrome." It also included a one-liner checklist if the pilot finds their speed decaying: "Move throttles forward." Of course, I cannot remember anything else from the airplane manual so I suppose the wording was quite effective after all.