Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Life on Reality TV

I remember twice today having cockpit conversations that made me look at the transmit light on the radio stack, and mentally reassure myself that we didn't have a live mike and we don't have CVRs in our operation. It's funny how you'll talk about things you oughtn't talk about, just because you're in a little box with everyone else sealed out.

And then I caught myself picking my nose in front of a security camera while entering an access code. Sorry security monitoring people. In real life women accidentally pick their noses in fromt of security cameras far more often than we dance naked.

Aren't you glad that there isn't a daily highlights and bloopers segment from your life shown on TV every night?


Capt. Wilko said...

"In real life women accidentally pick their noses in fromt of security cameras far more often than we dance naked." ... Why?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol, my reel would be very embarrasing.

Like the time I was adjusting my pantyhose in a private boarding lounge, only to realise the window tinting COULD be seen thru and the Capt. & F/O of the aircraft parked in front of the window had seen all!!! whoops.... :/

I bet security people see some VERY strange things...!

Anonymous said...

I have seen security people pick their nose thinking nobady was watching them, and they flicked it too......ohhhhhh yuuuck!

Oh by the way, I recently moved from Australia to Canada to live. any ideas of where I should look for work?
I have 1400 hrs TT. I am thinking of looking for work in Calgary.
do you know of any companies looking for a pilot with a good work ethic?

Greybeard said...

Agree with Traytable....All our reels would be embarrassing!

I once dated a gal that could conservatively be called "a knockout". I had to stop by my office to pick up some paperwork, and came back to the car from a different angle than I left, looking at her from the rear, with her finger buried to the first knuckle in her nose.
I promised myself if she came anywhere near her mouth with that thing, our "courting" would come to a screeching halt!
She wiped her finger with a Kleenex......I waited an adequate time before letting her know I was there.

I landed at a hospital and was tasked to go by the security office to pick up a piece of equipment we had lost. There I saw a bank of TV security cameras that I realized I had probably, at night, thinking I was thoroughly alone, urinated in front of.

dibabear said...

It could be worse. You could be picking your nose whilst adjusting your hose. :-)