Friday, August 26, 2005

Complete Waste of Time

You've probably noticed a severe decrease in my blogging lately. Work has been busy, the weather has been grand, but neither has kept me off the internet. I've been absorbed fighting imaginary monsters and mixing imaginary martinis in the Kingdom of Loathing.

I've had the opportunity to build a cottage by combining cottage cheese with anticheese, to fight a possessed can of asparagus with a pet sabre-toothed lime at my side, and to slay stick figures with a giant discarded plastic fork. It is an utter waste of time.

I also had a job interview, with an enthusiastic CEO, but I don't meet the (foreign) government-mandated minima for the position.


Pookledo said...

I *love* the Kingdom of Loathing. I'm on Level 10 at the moment. Are you a Pastamancer?

Anonymous said...

Bah! "Access Denied At This Time". Oops

Aviatrix said...

As a matter of fact, I am a Pastamancer.