Monday, August 22, 2005

Industry Update

This post consists mainly of the optimistic ramblings of a Canadian pilot interview preparation centre. These folks offered a free resume evaluation service some years ago, in order to build their contact database. At the time I thought they were wasting their time configuirng my 200-odd hour resume, but in retrospect it was quite a clever idea. They did a good job on my resume, gaining my trust, and now years later I'm far more likely to turn to them than any other company. What do they offer now? Inside information on the questions that are asked at airline interviews, and practice via a mock interview for actually handling the questions. Knowing what you're in for is a great head start.

Air Canada is leading the way as it receives new Embraer EMB170 jets every week and faces higher retirement rates. After years of no recruitment, AC is looking to hire between 600 - 800 pilots over the next 2 years. The Air Canada Interview Process includes a Personal Interview, a one hour computer based Cognitive Test, and a Medical. They no longer use a Simulator Evaluation to evaluate their candidates.

Likewise Air Canada Jazz is in a bit of expansion itself, taking delivery of new Bombardier CRJ705 Regional Jets (Jazz is the Launch Customer). Also some Jazz pilots have already interviewed and have accepted positions with Air Canada mainline. In combination with the new CRJ705 deliveries, this has resulted in the first pilot interviews at Jazz in a number of years. The Jazz Process involves a Personal Interview, and if successful, an invitation for a Dash 8 Simulator Evaluation to be conducted at a later date.

Skyservice is doing well in the Charter Industry and is actively interviewing and hiring pilots onto their Airbus A320/319 and Boeing B757/767 fleets. The Skyservice Process involves a Personal Interview with their Pilot Recruitment Team.

CanJet has started services across the country connecting it's main base Halifax to Vancouver through the major cities in between. With the hiring at Air Canada, and the acceptance of more used Boeing B737-500s, CanJet will be interviewing and hiring pilots from now until the end of the year. Canjet's Pilot Hiring Process involves a Personal Interview with their Pilot Recruitment Team.

WestJet is getting rid of it's older B737-200s in favour of their new Boeing B737 New Generation Airliners - the B737-600s, -700s, and -800s. The new Boeings continue to arrive in Calgary and the successful low-fare airline continiues to grow at a steady rate. WestJet will continue to hire pilots for the foreseeable future. The WestJet Process involves a unique Personal Interview with their Pilot Recruitment Team.

Canadian North of Calgary/Edmonton/Yellowknife continues their niche operation connecting cities and towns of the remote north with the southern centres of Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. The Diamond Industry is booming in the north and Canadian North is taking advantage with their Boeing B737-200 Gravel-Kit Equiped Combis. These aircraft have a large cargo door installed on the upper forward left fuselage and thus have a configuration of near 50% passengers and 50% cargo. The Canadian North Interview Process involves a Personal Interview in Calgary, and if successful, followed by a Simulator Evaluation at a later date on the B737-200 Sim.

After many lean years in Canada, the excitement in pilot voices as they inquire about Interview Preps and our Resume Design Services is welcome. The great thing though about the increase in Pilot Hiring is that as carriers like Air Canada take on these pilots, the entire industry from top to bottom will be affected. New openings will pop up everywhere including at Flight Schools, Skydive Companies, Medevac Charters, Corporate Charter Companies, Tier III Turboprop Operators, and even some of the other airlines as some of their crews opt for a career at AC.

Outside of Canada, foreign airlines continue to hire Canadian Pilots into their ranks. Cathay Pacific will be back in Vancouver in September to interview the next batch of candidates, and the expanding carriers in the Middle East (Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, and Gulf Air) continue to take on experienced Canadian airline pilots who fit into their company cultures.

It's encouraging, and not all hype. My mammals list isn't quite as embarrassingly out of date as the list at right seems to indicate, but close. I'd better get moving so I can give you a proper insider's view of this industry.

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