Saturday, August 20, 2005


They call it AIDS, short for Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome, and it's a serious problem. Pilots are away from home a lot. They get lonely. They are regarded as prime catches by the sort of people who fish. Meanwhile their spouses are home alone a lot. They get lonely, too. The pilot comes home tired, which may mean cranky, or uncommunicative or apathetic. Lack of communication, lack of sex, infidelity. Marriage breakdown. The guys say, "don't get married, just pick a woman you hate, and buy her a house."

I wasn't going to write about this phenomenon, because, like night stops in Shanghai, crazy flight attendant parties, and inflight meals that don't come out of my own flight bag, I thought it was something removed from my aviation orbit. And then I found out that one of my own co-workers is a victim.

As she said, it can happen to women, too. A long time stable marriage, with a child, and then he suddenly left her for another woman. It was so shocking. I don't even know her that well. I almost wished she hadn't told me. Take it as a warning, if you will. Or take it as a reminder to act on your priorities and cherish every minute of happiness. My condolences to anyone who has been affected by a the break-up of a long time relationship, whether aviation-related or not.

I took a long time to post this, because I suspect the pilot in question reads my blog. I'll take it down right away if asked.


Anonymous said...

It's happened to me twice now. It sucks, alot. Everything was fine before I left for a few week and when I come home, I came home to a different woman and things went from bad to worse from there. but lucky me! it turned out she was nuts.

Anonymous said...

you know its not just for professional pilots either. Im a GA pilot and I dont even spend a lot of money flying but it is my single passion and I spend a lot of energy on it. We are not divorced but it causes a strain on things and she singles it out as the a target to take her frustrations out on. Flying is a cruel mistress indeed

Unknown said...

Im the other woman and never knew it. With a pilot for 3 years. We would skype from every location and touch base at least 3 to 5 times a day. Only time breaks were 2xs in 3 years. He was MIA. I was going to move 1900 miles away, remarks like ill have to help you move and drive the truck..... Ive never been married... I eat alone...i dont have any social media... Etc... Then one day. I after 3 years i had a chance to look at his wallet. Found he had a different name...... I am an honest woman neber thinking i should be secretive and confirm his story...... Shocked. Lost... And trying to recover after hearing hes married for 12 years. Married with in a year before we met and has a child. It was so real to know you were such a bad judge of character and he made me into 'the other woman' floors me😮.