Monday, May 30, 2005

Lying Still Does Not Pay

Here's an excerpt for a job posting from AvCanada that offers evidence that it's not just Steve Vizcacha who has had to repeat the hiring process because of a dishonest job seeker.

Seeking qualified person to fill Chief Pilot position in 704 operation. Hired pilot, experience not suitable. All previously interested applicants please re-apply. New applicants welcome. Must meet Chief Pilot experience requirements as per applicable C.A.R.’s Standards. Very important.

CARs 724.07(2)(b) (scroll down to 2b) outlines the required qualifications for a part 704 chief pilot. He or she has to have an airline transport licence with a valid instrument rating, a type rating in at least one of the types operated by the company, and at least 3 years experience as pilot-in-command of a commuter aeroplane. Most of the rest of the list of qualifications are training items that will be accomplished after hiring, and the company might provide the type rating, too, for the right person.

There is another requirement that the chief pilot have never had any conviction under subsection 7.3(1) of the Aeronautics Act. With a beautifully circular logic, the very first transgression listed under subsection 7.3(1) of the Aeronautics Act is:

(a) knowingly make any false representation for the purpose of obtaining a Canadian aviation document or any privilege accorded thereby;

Therefore being caught lying to try to get any aviation job disqualifies you from ever being a chief pilot. I wonder if this was this person's problem.

Another thing the observant job-seeker should learn from this posting is how amazingly disorganized employers can be. Note that they just hired someone. I'm guessing that person was then disqualified by Transport Canada during the enstatement process, yet the company had already disposed of the stack of resumes applying for the position. They didn't even have the contact information of their original second choice candidate. Perhaps they didn't even have a second choice candidate. And no, I don't have three years experience as PIC of a 704 operation.


Anonymous said...

You can commute by plane? Wow.
And it shoes what a bureaucratic jungle you guys are in.

Aviatrix said...

Har har, Andy. Remind me to do a post on airline pilots who really DO commute by airplane. And I'm talking live in Hawaii and commute to work in Chicago sort of commute.