Saturday, May 28, 2005

Living the Dream Stereotype

It's a blazing hot day and I'm driving into the company parking lot, looking like I own the world. (Or at least the car. There's no way anyone is still making payments on a car that looks like this). The wraparound sunglasses with the mirrored lenses are on my face, to maximize the "cool" look (and to hide the fact that I'm on minimum sleep this week). There's even a leather jacket in here somewhere to complete the ensemble. (Or in case the car breaks down and I need to use it as a blanket?).

The windows are cranked down and the tunes are cranked up, announcing my arrival. And what is the soundtrack for the arrival of Aviatrix for another day of tearing strips off the sky? Why the music from the movie Top Gun soundtrack. "Take you right into the danger zone!" Life is good, really. (Even while taxiing a hot plane on hot tarmac and waiting far too long at the (double striped) hold short line for take-off clearance).

The heat thins out the air, making the airplane engines and wings act like they are at a higher altitude. It takes more runway to take off, and more time and distance to climb.

"Playing with the Boys" blares out of the speakers on the way home, and there's a beer waiting at the end of the day.


Clint said...

classic!! Top Gun was the first CD I ever owned. I have defintiely seen the movie more than my fair share, even though it is ne of the poorest made movies ever!!
Speaking of Top Gun, Ray-Bans are coming back!!

GC said...

Hey, great blog!

BTW, I wouldn't ever wear RayBans like those (again).

(I think I've burned all the pics I'm in while wearing those.)


Anonymous said...

enyooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwzooooooooomyeeeehaah Hope it went ok