Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Not Always the Best

 I am busy preparing training, as I always seem to be these days, but something in the regs made me giggle:

"A pilot who accepts an aircraft with defects, the repair of which has been deferred in accordance with an approved system, has a good defence against any possible charge of flying an unairworthy aircraft, whereas a pilot who undertakes a flight with an aircraft that is not in compliance with the approved system commits an offence."

So what they are saying is that a good offence is not always the best defence. Or perhaps this would be a bad offence.

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Grant (Falcon124) said...

In other words, ensure your flyable state is signed off by a maintenance authority and your ass is covered...
Seems to work with all airborne devices, from hot air balloons (my main world) to airliners (as discussed with friends of mine :) ).
Good to see you still posting. Take care out there! :)