Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Don't touch your face

Actual excerpt from aircraft journey log maintenance entry:

Stay safe. Wash your hands.


Dave Starr said...

Nice to hear from you. I do hope things are normal enough by the 20th of April for normal compliance. I'm still here in the Philippines and we are currently locked down very, very tightly compared to North America, trying to control the spread. Keep washing and sanitizing and keep the blue side up ;-)

Patrick C Ryan MD said...

Hi Aviatrix. I soooo wish you were still actively writing. I fervently looked forward to you posts for years.

You probably heard that we lost a lot of planes at JWN during a tornado last month. My club lost an SR22 and a CTLS. To see the devastation in person is powerful.

Should you come to Nashville sometime during your travels (whenever that happens!) we will make sure you have a great time!

I hope you are truly happy and content.


Patrick and Susan Ryan

Patrick C Ryan MD said...

Not sure if my prior post went through.

We miss you.

Please come to Nashville.

Please write more!

Patrick and Susan Ryan