Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Snark Redirect

My airport authority sent out a useless little memo "urging" everyone to play safely while at no point apologizing for or even mentioning the horrendous poorly-documented mess airport construction has made of the movement areas. My fangs came out and I wrote them a response, then remembered that these are the people I'm still waiting on to issue airside vehicle operator permits, and from whom I may need other services. So I'll tell you.

And I urge you to put out NOTAMs when you change the configuration of the pylons, taxi lanes, and gaping holes in the ramp, so that an aviatrix taxiing in dark after being away for a week isn’t in terror of her life and aircraft just trying to get between the runway and the hangar line.

Also I found a cigarette butt on airside in front of our hangar while removing the daily accumulation of FOD from the dump trucks and other construction vehicles that take turns blocking access to our hangar. Please impress upon the contractors that an airport is not an appropriate place for a smoke break.

I was working at <other airport> this summer while they redid a runway and apron and the comparison with respect to site hygiene, clear NOTAMs and speed of completion of the work makes your construction program look like kids playing in a sandbox.

I was going to say "... like a cat fighting with a skunk in my compost bin," but then I realized the metaphor had wandered too off topic and I didn't know where it was headed. Probably to raid the garden.


Unknown said...

That's the way to tell 'em! Well...way to almost tell them...

RTD8450 said...

Perhaps a surreptitious call/note to Transport Canada from your Head Office would enable them to see their (MANY) errors?

Sarah said...

Maybe you should have sent it. Without hearing feedback, they have no way to
judge how badly they're doing.

Probably good to apply a 24-hour cooling off period to snarky emails though. Doing so has saved me some conflict and (horrors) "repy to all" errors over the years.

Aviatrix said...

Last time I went into their office to see them about something else I strongly suggested they get their NOTAMing act in gear, and had I sent it, it would have been merely the snarkiest e-mail they had from me, not the first. It was best I not send it.