Sunday, May 18, 2014

Balanced Diet

What I have eaten today, and what I was doing while eating it:
(times adjusted to match the time zone I started the day in)

0600 - packet of maple and brown sugar flavoured instant oatmeal - filing a flight plan
1300 - Apple & Cinnamon Larabar - talking to ATC, while flying in turbulence
1600 - A few cashews left in a bag that I opened a few days ago - flying and calculating my remaining oxygen
1605 - bag of Cheezies - flying and calculating my duty day,
1610 - box of raisins. They were all stuck together, so I just peeled the cardboard off and stuck the whole thing in my mouth - figuring out my descent profile so I could go under, not over the cloud layers that were solid at destination
1612 - packet of beef jerky, almost ate the "do not eat" packet, too,
piece of garlic toast my fellow crewmember saved for me from yesterday's dinner, roll of Rockets (Smarties to the Americans) - shoving everything I could reach in my face while the autopilot flew
1800 - a Starbucks cake pop & a persimmon fruit or passion fruit or something iced tea - hugging my ops manager who brought them out to the airplane knowing I'd be tired and hungry from nine and a half hours of flying.
2130 - two burgers, and most of the fixings that were supposed to go on someone else's burger

So the question is, what should I have for dessert?


kbq said...

ro'qegh'Iwchab , of course.

Christopher Thompson said...

An Aero bar--new caramel version please. It balances out the salty snacks from most of your day.

At least you didn't dip into the survival pack.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Your day's intake is +/- balanced, but Ground Food, usually warm tends to me far more satisfying. An extended run with these habits will almost always lower your center of gravity. We know that you DO pay attention to gross diet (and rest, etc.) so you'll be OK. Thanks for the fun post.

john said...

Pepto Bismol? Or Tums if you are on a diet?

D.B. said...

Yes, the pilot diet. I rarely fly as much as you during a day, but that all sounds very familiar :)

Sarah said...

Something Chocolate, of course.

saminacam said...

After eating that lot, the plane would have sunk below the clouds on it's need to calculate descent....grin!