Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cleared to Land

All the best, folks. I'm not flying today, so I can have all the rum and eggnog I want*. Please enjoy all of whatever it is you enjoy this season and smile graciously when declining whatever it is you don't.

*That would be none. I don't like eggnog, and while it's possible to add enough rum to hide the taste, I don't like straight liquor much either.


majroj said...

All the best, A.

Grant said...

Hot mulled wine?

Whatever you find to enjoy in the beverage department - here's toasting you and all you've done to lighten up my world with your writing!

Merry Christmas,

Frank Van Haste said...

Happy Christmas, 'Trix! With best wishes for a healthful, prosperous and rewarding 2014...


Chris Thompson said...

Merry Christmas and many safe departures and arrivals in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Yo ! Still a follower , very best wishes .

Hwyl Fawr - Dafydd

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some Iw HIq would have hit the spot?

The best of holidays!