Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pros and Cons of Weekends

Weekends have their good points and bad points, but I think weekdays are probably better.

Weekends are good because there's less traffic on the way to work, fewer scheduled airline flights to wait for at the hold short line, and on Saturday the restaurants are open later in the evening. But stores and restaurants and sometimes FBOs open later in the morning in a weekend, and in many areas the increase in small airplane training and recreational traffic is significant enough to cause delays. ATC units are more likely to have staffing shortages, resulting in denied routings and altitudes, on the weekend, and if the airplane needs maintenance that previously favourable decease in scheduled airline flights means it's harder to get an AME and the needed parts into the field.

A lot of people seem to be awfully keen on weekends, though, so maybe I'm missing some important aspect of them.


Bender said...

Not working on them is probably the best reason to like them... :-)

Aviatrix said...

Not working? You mean like when the airplane is broken and you can't get the part? No, that's terrible.

david said...

I far prefer flying on weekdays as well - more people in the sky seem to know what they're doing. Weekends can be terrifying, especially in the circuit at an uncontrolled airport.

Cedarglen said...

Wear the clean socks that are issued each morning. Appreciate the differences and enjoy both, diversifying your collection. And on occasion, wear pok a dots (sp?) on a weekday, just to keep them confused. Working on a holiday? Stripes on the left and bold pok-dots on the right. Just keep them clean - please. -C.