Saturday, September 01, 2012

Alaska. Tired.

I took a short cut through Alaska today. I was going to blog about it, but my brain is tired.

Pointy mountains. Fog. Helpful Flight Services personnel. Oxygen. Shiny rivers. Small settlements. Clouds. Radio frequencies. Hat. Granola bar with coconut flakes. Stick that together with more words and you have an Aviatrix blog entry.


rw2 said...

"Stick that together with more words and you have an Aviatrix blog entry."

Oh, I've been on to you for quite some time. ;-)

Heck, I've stolen the meme.

Just me said...

Dear Aviatrix,

This is one of your most sensational blog posts of all time. Efficiency of words can be a very beautiful thing - full sentences not always needed.

"I took a shortcut through Alaska" is all time brilliant for the rest of us, far far away. To think that Alaska is a shortcut en route anyway is just terrific.

Ali in Switzrland

Sarah said...

Оттуда, где проходящий через Аляску короткий путь к Канаде?

Please don't hate for for using the Google. I am uneducated but computer literate. Fill us in if feel like it when you're rested.

__7 tries to get this verified. When I reach 10 I'll give up. The capcha is too hard.

Christopher said...


Anoynmous said...

Sarah: the southern "tail" of Alaska takes a bite out of the west edge of British Columbia. It wouldn't be unreasonable to overfly a bit of Alaska heading between Prince Rupert and anywhere north, for example.

Cedarglen said...

Agree with Sarah, the Captcha is nearly impossible to read. Downgrade a little? -C.

majroj said...

So, using the EMT yet/so far?

Hannah Edwards said...

I laughed when I read this. Not because it's silly but because I could see in my mind exactly what you flew over with just those few keywords you used to describe your trip. Love it!

Hannah E. said...

Agreed. This was a great post! I think you don't have to be excessively wordy to get your point across. John Donne said, "Brevity is the soul of wit." I love that saying.