Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Next Ride?

A friend's Facebook feed turned up this spectacular innovation in bizjet luxury. Amidst the ensuing discussion of its practicality, given the usual ambiance of an airport parking area equipped with ground power, and the tendency of a running APU or to disturb the tranquility of an afternoon on the sundeck, someone--who I hope was being silly--helpfully pointed out that the deck was "only for use while the aircraft was not in flight." I really want to see the aircraft flight manual now. I'll bet they were required to stress that point. They usually assume some common sense, not like general consumption products, but I've seen a much older aircraft manual exhorting pilots not to carry children in the baggage compartment, and I really suspect this one has a published limitation on sundeck deployment.

Maybe they have batteries, or a solar array sufficient to run the stereo, keep the drinks cold and power the blender.


Ward said...

That sort of fold-out balcony has been showing up on luxury yachts for a few years now.

Here's one pic

Or a link to the page it's from in case they don't allow direct links to pics.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Nothing like the sweet sweet smell of JP4 as you're sipping your drinks with your Bose earphones on in the afternoon.

Colin said...

In the Cessna 150 you carried children in the baggage area. There was a seat that you could install there.

The official checklist for the 172 was altered to include "luggage door locked" after a grandparent apparently had a grandchildren climb into the baggage area and open the door from the inside and tumble out.

Unknown said...

Executive Pilots Lounge, relax and enjoy the incredible views while awaiting your passengers return. Enjoy a pine float and your favorite pilots operating manual.

coreydotcom said...

@ Ward

wow. that is luxury. i can't even imagine how much one of those babies costs.

majroj said...

Need that on Air Force One. I'm sort of getting to be a BOlshie, so I like that it is downstream from the engines...but the APU could be at the vertical stabilizer root like the 747. Wait til it ingests a sunhat or empty beer bottle.