Sunday, August 16, 2009


I'm working more closely with another pilot these days, making me "one of the pilots" on site as opposed to "the pilot." I try to avoid writing too much about my coworkers, because who wants people putting stuff about you on the internet without your knowledge. But we do some things together, and sometimes someone else's actions form part of my story.

I could write the whole thing as if it were just me, which removes any fear of posting something someone doesn't want said about them. And you never know what that might be. But then I end up taking credit for the actions of others, which isn't really fair. I do that a little, anyway, trying to carry the story without unnecessary personal information.

I try to avoid too much detail of what we said or did solving a problem, because while it's okay for me to misremember or poorly condense my own actions and words, I shouldn't be misquoting someone else or accidentally accusing her of something she didn't do. I'd love to spend some time comparing and contrasting the two of us. There's lots of humour and learning in it, but even if I'm simply trying to describe a characteristic I admire, I'm almost guaranteed to say something that could be misinterpreted, so it's better not to go there.

So that's it. I work with competent people who work hard, do a good job, and are easy to get along with, but I don't mention them as individuals that much on the blog. It's not to deny them credit but to avoid infringing on their privacy. Often they have stories I'd love to tell you, but as I see it they are not mine to pilfer.

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Geekzilla said...

Sounds like someone needs a hug! I know I can only speak for myself, but I don't think you're taking any credit from your fellow flyers. I think you're making the world of aviation more understandable and accessable to those of on the outside. And if you'd like to tell your coworker's story, why not go for it? You are very articulate.