Friday, October 24, 2008

Chalk One Up

I like the spelling attempts accompanying this rack for airplane chocks. At some point someone realized they might as well have fun with it.


Anonymous said...

The employees (all related) at the Esso FBO I worked at kept calling them "caulks"... They also constantly tried to park light jets into the wind! I did not last long there.

Family run FBO but not one pilot in the family. :(

Anonymous said...


I'm imagining which order the labels are made in, guessing anti clockwise.

You have to look close to see the final (?) "chawxfh". Must be a dialect thing.

Anonymous said...

Re: Parking jets into wind
Not a bad idea in my book. The jet I fly prohibits more than 10 knots of tailwind for the start. Helps prevent a hot start and confusing the computers. It is recommended that the wind be blocked so the backwards rotation is stopped prior to the start. The manufacturer frowns on using the thrust reverser "bucket" to do the blocking (although it works great) so its get the ramp person to move the plane. Not sure about other jets though.