Friday, August 08, 2008

Northern Gossip

In December 2003, the operations manager of a northern air charter company went to Trinidad & Tobago for a week on business. I'm not sure how a Caribbean island relates to the business of schlepping pop and chips around northern Alberta, but I can't blame the guy for taking advantage of whatever connection he found. Unfortunately, that's not all he took advantage of, and the waitress whose breast he grabbed and squeezed reported his actions to police. I suppose Trinidad and Tobago is a little more civilized than the oilfields. I've never been to that country, but the culture isn't going to be the same as in Canada.

He was arrested, spent a five days in a miserable Trinidadian prison and then returned to Canada. The Court of Appeal of Alberta has just approved a Trinidad and Tobago request to extradite him for trial. I suspect his behaviour at home isn't that different from abroad, and that there are a number of Fort McMurray waitresses high fiving one another on hearing that news.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any possibility that the pilot in question is a.k.a. 'Horatio'?

Anyhoo, I guess there's restaurants to work at that guarantee "miserable conditions" for more than just five days so spending "five days in 'miserable conditions' at the Trinidad prison" ain't soundin' too bad, considering that dudes like him make these places miserable to work at.