Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Customers Know Me Well

I can't remember if I showed you this toy yet or not, so I'll make this entry really short. My customers were departing by airline early in the morning before my legal rest period would be completed, but wanted to leave some equipment in the airplane for me to transport, including something that was coming in via FedEx. I gave them the aircraft keys the night before, along with instructions to just put the equipment anywhere inside the airplane. I would load it properly and secure it in the morning.

They left the keys with the FBO, so next morning I got a cab to the airport in order to stow their and my gear and depart on the trip. Their equipment wasn't too awkward, but as I was putting it away, I was amused to find one item that had been left on top of a table, clearly for me, as opposed to part of the load.

I had a fun mini project to assemble the model and display it in my hotel room. I carefully took it apart afterwards and packed it inside a book so it's safe at home now. I like the idea that they were offered the model or saw them as give-aways at the FedEx office and said to each other, "Aviatrix would like one of those." And they were right. My customers know that deep down I'm five years old, and all they have to do is give me a toy and I'll be happy.


Anonymous said...

He he he, that's cute.

Does it glide?

Anonymous said...

Cool! I bet my five year old would like one of those. I'll have to stop by the local FedEx office and ask for one.

How nice of your customer!

another Marty

Anonymous said...

Did you actually toss it to see how it flys? :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it so often the case that things that bring joy and a smile are not the expensive and complicated things, but things that cost little and are simple :-)

Anonymous said...

That's cool. As far as the deep-down 5-year-old goes... if you're easily amused, you'll be amused more often.

And that's very nice of your customer. Not just that they gave it to you, but that they clearly saw it sitting somewhere (or were offered it) and thought of you.