Friday, December 02, 2005

Staying Alive

I was wondering last night what makes the difference between someone who wastes her life pursuing a dream that she never realizes is beyond her reach, and someone who achieves what she wants because she believes in herself and never gives up.

If it were a movie, I could tell because the first one would be in some Eastern European language, with subtitles. The Hollywood movie would always have a happy ending. I can't read the DVD jewel case on my own life, but take away the sets, wardrobe and pacing isses, and it comes down to how far the heroine gets before she dies.


Anoynmous said...

The difference is in what you leave around and behind you as you live. The life-waster might just as well never have lived for all the difference she makes in the world. The achiever does real good in the world, even if she never actually reaches the explicitly stated goal. If you can't tell which one you are, ask yourself one thing: are you just building time, or do you work to the best you can be at what you do?

It's a Wonderful Life has a happy ending, you know. And by the time it's over, you recognize that the whole beginning and middle were happy too, whether they looked that way at the time or not.

Stu said...

Having seen the original and Hollywood versions of "The Vanishing" I have to agree with your view of movies.

Anonymous said...

If you're enjoying what you're doing now for its own sake, then you're not wasting your life. If you're discontent and always waiting for something better, then you're hosed.

Greybeard said...

What an interesting, open ended post!

I understand your post differently than other commenters. My take is that you perceive a difference in attitude toward life in general between socialist leaning countries, and the pollyanna Hollywood (U.S.).

And truly, the truth almost always lies somewhere in between, doesn't it?

One of the reasons your blog is a must read for me is that I get to see, through your eyes, the struggles you face.
You are working in what is still a male dominated industry, and in order to succeed you must make your way through a different screening process than would a male.

We've discussed it it fair?
Nope. But your struggle alone changes the game, ever so slightly, because you prove you can "get-r-done".
You obviously have figured out that if you just don't quit, eventually you'll impress someone with your dedication to your goal, and they'll start looking at your experience and qualifications for the job.

I admire your obvious technical knowledge. You also know that in order to learn, you gotta do the work......stick your nose in the book!

But if you look at biographical movies that end happily, as anoynmous(sic) says.....the whole story can be a happy one if you have the right attitude. And those that succeed have one great thing in common....they simply don't quit!

sweavo said...

Remember that you see others' success from the outside, and your own shortcomings from the inside. There are probably people who see you and go *sigh* she's so self-assured and successful whereas I'm just an insecure nobody...

Kris Johnson said...

As others have said, just try to appreciate the journey. You will never be satisfied with where you are on the road, no matter how far you've gone.

There is always going to be some dream beyond your reach. I've "achieved" what I thought I wanted twenty years ago, but it hasn't made me any happier. But I've met some people I like and I have some fond memories. That's really all there is.

Anonymous said...

If you ever figure it out, do let me know. It's so easy for people to say "hey, don't give up" or "you're capable and you'll do really well" or some other encouraging B.S., but when it's YOU, and there are no clues available as to how to proceed or if there's even a possibility of success, it's pretty damn hard to stay positive.

Jeez, reading this over, it sounds pretty negative. I guess one thing that usually makes me feel better is to think of all the people who have succeeded at what I want to succeed at. For the most part, they're no smarter or better. But they've possibly been lucky. Mostly, they've been persistent and positive. I think.