Saturday, September 10, 2005

In a Nutshell

"You know so much about so many useless things -- but so many useful things, too."

That's a comment addressed to me, from a flight dispatcher. For me, it's probably the perfect answer to "tell me about yourself."


Sam Weigel said...

Uh oh. The spambots are zeroing in on Aviatrix. Time to turn on word verification.

Anonymous said...

Careful Aviatrix. You have pulled Spam wise and dispatcher wise;-)

Aviatrix said...

Yeah. I'll give it a week and if I get any more spam, I'll turn on the word verification.

GC said...

LOL at Lord Hutton's "pulling" comment.

I frequently rotate a description of myself that resembles the comment from your dispatcher when I'm asked what I do. Other ones I use is "I operate kerosene-burning dog whistles," and "I operate a machine that turns dinosaurs into noise."

That usually gets them turning on their heels pretty quickly.