Sunday, October 03, 2010

Much Left Unsaid

The airplane is still not ready. The left engine did not pass its run in check. After about an hour of ground running it made metal and then failed spectacularly enough to damage itself. They apparently have the parts and technology, and are rebuilding it.

Meanwhile the other pilot reports that he is expecting a somewhat perishable package to arrive care of this hotel. Could I please collect it for him and ensure that the enclosed butter tarts get eaten or refrigerated or something? No problem, but this town is the slowest mail delivery place ever. Overnight express Canada Post takes a week. Anything else takes longer. I promise to check every day at the front desk for him, though. They aren't there now, and the desk clerk has no idea at what time the mail is usually delivered. Mail? Delivered? Do you know where you are? Yeah. The ends of the Earth.

Meanwhile the The History Channel is doing a show on the biblical End of Days. I'm not sure how that is history, but it may be of itself a sign of the apocalypse. I'm watching bad TV because hotel internet ranges between terrible and non-existent. I'm afraid this will be a blog theme that becomes boring over the next few weeks, but the internet is not just my entertainment but my communication with company, how I get the weather, file reports and keep in touch with people. And every once in a while the top half of the television picture cuts out, too.


Anonymous said...

Bad TV and slow or no internet. Typical pilot overnight.

Anonymous said...

History Channel is a joke and has been for years.
They've replaced good solid science and historical fact (which a lot of the paying pundits probably find terrifically boring) with conspiracy theories and leftist/green propaganda (usually leeched from their Discovery Channel parent company, only the credits changed to reflect themselves instead).

Of course Discovery is now much the same, running a propaganda show for ecoterrorists attacking fishing and whaling vessels, explaining everything bad that ever happened or might happen as being caused by global warming (or if that's impossible some freak event in outer space), etc. etc.