Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Things I did today before calling Pica:

  • Cut my fingernails
  • Gave someone a ride to work
  • Mailed a letter (price of postage went up today)
  • Sat in my car in the cold listening to the radio, while the windows steamed up
  • Checked the weather forecast
  • Read an article about the DA42
  • Completed a 5-star difficulty rating Sudoku number puzzle
  • Double-checked the telephone number of Pica

Yes, I called. And got through to the person I needed to talk to on the first try, only stammering a little. Very polite, very helpful, and unlikely to invite someone of my current qualifications and experience to an interview in the immediate future. Airlines hire different profiles at different times. It seems lately that today everyone is looking for people with either more or less experience than me.

But every time my name crosses that desk, it gets closer to a shortlist. I'll keep trying.

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