Monday, January 23, 2006

Iceman -- The Later Years

I forgive Flygirl for stealing my logo, because this Saturday Night Live video clip made me laugh until it hurt. And besides, I stole my logo from somewhere else. Who's to say she didn't steal it from the same person?

The US has a lot of ex-military airline pilots. Canada not so many, but the tradeoff is the same. The airline gets highly trained, highly skilled pilots with proven ability to think under pressure, but the level of risk they are willing to accept needs to be adjusted downwards to make them fit into a civilian operation. I wonder how many of them feel as out of place as poor Iceman is in the comedy sketch. The only ex-military pilot I've worked with flew primarily search and rescue missions, so he didn't fit the stereotype. It's hard to say if he was more risk tolerant than I am. He did things I wouldn't do, but he had a lot more experience than me, so he was probably no closer to the limit of his abilities than I was.


Flygirl said...

LOL...I don't think I stole it from you but if so, I'm sorry. I'm glad you liked the Iceman clip we are even! ;)

Sam Weigel said...

"Iceman, The Later Years" is actually shown at interviews at my airline... kinda an icebreaker, I guess. Very funny stuff, one of my fav SNL skits.