Sunday, June 20, 2010

Snow Go

The next day the weather is better, but there are some snow showers forecast along our route, and that's a no-go item for the PIC. The guys at the Shell are great and have no problem with us leaving the airplane there for a while. They say someone left a B747 here for four months once. There are a bunch of concrete-filled tires on the side of the apron. We park the airplane on the edge of the pavement and then roll three tires into position under wing and tail tiedown points, and tie everything down securely. Inside, we clean up the snack food crumbs and wrap the equipment we're leaving behind in plastic bags. The airplane looks secure against wind and rain and we know this is a very secure aerodrome. It's quite difficult to get in at night even to get to your own airplane. It's much better off here than it was at Brampton.

We leave contact information with the FBO and go around to the terminal to depart. As we board the flight on the jetway I can see our little airplane tied down at the side of the apron. This inspires me to scribble a note on the back of my boarding pass and give to the FA for the pilots. Something like "If you look over beside the Shell you can see a Cessna 150 tied down. You have two pilots in the back who flew it here from Brampton. It took us a whole day. Aren't you grateful for the speed of a CRJ?" I just needed to share our adventure with someone.

At the end of the flight as we are disembarking the captain is standing in the doorway of the flight deck and I hear him say to the FA, "Have the C-150 pilots got off yet?" I identify us to him and he takes a few minutes to talk to us before his next flight. It isn't until later that it occurs to me that he might have asked his question in an attempt to avoid us. I doubt it though. He was very friendly and sympathized with us, remembering the winds we dealt with that day. It's fun the way that whatever you fly, it's still an airplane.

The little airplane sat in Thunder Bay for a while, but my friend got some more time off work and last I heard, she's moving it west again, this time solo.

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