Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool

Sooo, it's that date again. I was just going to skip it, as I didn't want to do a fake post about getting an airline job, quitting blogging, losing my licence, winning the lottery, being taken hostage by extraterrestrials (who, of course, let me blog) or my being baffled by something in Texas. But I found something more foolish to blog about.

I entered a very silly contest hosted by The Flying Pinto, and even sillier than that, I won.

The really foolish part is that I've kind of obligated myself to blog about using the prize, now. It hasn't arrived yet, but when I next get home I gather it will be there, a little too late in the season for me to write my name in the snow.


zd said...

(1) Check out Yulia's photos for clues on how to assemble her do. It is not a Crown Braid.

Of course, a French Braid on its own is always classy. A French Twist is OK too but not as neat.

(2) Do not despair, Aviatrix, snow is always available OUTSIDE of arenas for almost 11 months of the year. Ask the Zamboni driver for its location.

YDAR said...

I've always wondered about those for long wilderness canoe trips in mixed company, but then how easy is it to keep clean? First saw one in TankGrrl the movie.... Let us know how it works (or works out!)

Anonymous said...

Whew, I'm glad you didn't win what I thought you had won.

Still not sure it solves all of the issues of piloting while going...

Glider pilots have similiar issues.

I imagine hang gliding to be more liberating.

Glider cockpits are usually very small, and you are more reclined than upright. If it is a center stick, then it's even worse. Rudder use is not optional in a glider, even temporarily.

Considering that 8+ hour glider flights are common, here is one common male solution, along with some tubing.

The marketing write ups are hilarously graphic.

One thing to keep in mind is that a glider with the gear doors open and the gear down in flight, isn't dumping water ballast.

Anonymous said...

I know about a female glider pilot in a neighbour gliderclub who has (invented by her husband) an solution for peeing. The Part between the legs looks similar to the "go-girl" and there is a flexible tube connected which connects to a pump and pumps it into a special bottle. They have sold this to serveral female glider pilots and once I have flown with one of her customers in a DG500 Glider in south france( sistero-theze was the airfield).
During the flight I was asked to take control and she brought the "part" into position and switched on the Pump. After a few moments I could see the urin flowing throught the see-through flexible tubes on their way to the bottle in the back of the glider. I don├čt know if they still sell this Part.
greeting s from germany

Albert said...

We just can't wait to read about your experiences with the device!