Tuesday, November 22, 2005

AA - Left Single Row

All legal aerodrome lighting includes lights along both edges of the runway. There must be at least eight pairs of lights, opposite each other, and no more than 200 feet apart along the edges. Any additional lighting is optional, and has special codes.

The first one alphabetically is AA - Left single row. It consists of a row of supposedly yellow (they look orange to me) of lights leading up to the runway and aligned with the left edge of the runway, not the middle. Odd. I can't remember ever seeing ligting like that. The spacing between "yellow" lights is 200 feet. I'll remember this code because the off-centre line, suggests a light installer who missed his AA meeting.

The CFS diagram for AA lights includes a bar of green lights across the threshold, too. By themselves, the bar of green lights is coded T for threshold. Frequently you see lights that are split half and half: green on the approach side and red on the runway side, so that no matter which end of the runway you approach, you see green at the beginning of the runway and red at the far end. That sort is called threshold and runway end lighting, and coded TE.

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Aviatrix said...

All airports are aerodromes but not all aerodromes are airports. An airport is a certified aerodrome.

For example, the place the helicopter lands on the lawn of the hospital is an aerodrome.

There's a post on it here.