Friday, February 25, 2005

Smartness Opportunity

A contact at Badger, who has graciously offered to convey my updated resume to the desks of the appropriate people, just sent me an e-mail. It's one of those e-mails people forward to everyone saying "isn't this cool?" It was pretty cool, but the truly cool part is not the tricky mind-reading puzzle that was costing her sleep. The cool part was that I could solve the puzzle, and explain my solution. Well that's not the cool part either, I'm smart and overeducated, and I expect to be able to solve internet puzzles. The cool part is that when I walk into Badger, I won't just be "my friend Aviatrix." I'll be the smart person who solved the puzzle that was bugging everyone. That's the kind of person you might want to hire, eh?

Unless I bragged annoyingly about my brilliance on the internet. And now of course she, and anyone she tells that I solved the puzzle, can figure out who I am if they read this blog. This anonymity thing is tricky.


Anonymous said...

We3ll I'm rubbish at this Intraweb thing, and although my IQ is only 6 points behind Bill Clinton's, I cant get onto that link to the mind reading thingummy

Aviatrix said...

You're right. It's not working. My link is correctly formatted; the site is just not working. Try again some other time.

Aviatrix said...

Here's another link that has a copy of the program. Warning: the ads on the page include scantily clad women.