Monday, February 07, 2005

The Multifunctional CFS

If airplanes had been invented before the popularization of toilet paper there would be an old copy of the Canada Flight Supplement hanging next to the toilets. The pages are a convenient size, made of tissue thin uncoated newsprint, and the company replaces the book every fifty-six days. I've also used the green brick (okay, now it's blue) for fire starter, lumbar support in old broken-down cockpit seats, kneeling on while preflighting in mucky weather, taking telephone messages on, and threatening unruly passengers. I have a colleague who used one to demonstrate, almost convincingly, that there was a trick that might allow one to tear it apart with ones bare hands.

I do occasionally pull one out to find a radio frequency or confirm a circuit direction. I'm just glad, as apparently is David Megginson, that the airport information is all in abbreviated code. Dave's is a good blog with actual research and information instead of rambling like mine, plus he has a great new layout, with pictures.

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