Thursday, April 28, 2016


A month ago I blogged about the LRBL and today I watched an wonderfully bad movie that used the concept. Naturally it features an alcoholic air marshal, a cute unaccompanied minor, a nervous Arab passenger wearing a taqiyah, an uncooperative black man in a camo hoodie and dark glasses, a cellphone hacking expert, an arrogant white man in a suit, a redhead who insists on the window seat, a New York cop, a dead captain, beautiful flight attendants, and a guy in glasses who has to land the plane. I confess that I wasn't paying enough attention to remember whether the guy who wrestled with the cockpit controls during the inevitable crash landing was the original co-pilot or some passenger who was drafted for the task, but he clearly worked very hard at it. About fifteen percent of the movie consisted of text messages and another ten percent was exteriors that looked really cool in the 2005 edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It amused me that Hollywood was as inspired as I was by the concept of there being a preferred spot to put a bomb. If you share my taste in bad movies, it's called Non-Stop and is on Netflix, in Canada, at least.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I can't figure out why Liam Neeson keeps making these turkeys. It's like he's playing the same character he's played in all 3 Taken movies. And Julianne Moore must have needed the money for new shoes. My husband likes watching these bad movies and then tells me about them. I can't abide them.
If you want to watch something worthwhile, catch the BBC series The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie on AMC. It's a limited series and it's good.

the bunny lady

Oztech Industrial Inc said...

Liam Neeson voice is perfect for his movies character. I love his acting even over all his movie is bad.

Lakotahope said...

I often remember to dissolve my notion of reality when I am reading books, so that I may immerse my mind into the components of the book and enjoy the book. Same with movies. I haven't watched that movie yet, although I've access to it for quite a while........Liam a good actor to watch, so I like him in these type of movies, more than the one's he used to do....chick flicks?? I dunno, I never paid attention to him your blogs