Friday, January 29, 2010

Haven't Done My Sim Yet

Seeing as Sarah busted me yesterday for breaking my New Year's resolution, today's blog post is postponed until I fulfill it. Also my hands are too cold to type properly, because I just got in from a run.

Update: Done now. The post will appear at 00Z tonight on schedule.


Sarah said...

I felt a little bad about the snark afterward. True, you didn't make it out of January on a resolution... but *I* didn't make any resolutions at all, and don't post such great stories daily. Stay warm.

Aluwings said...

Personally, I subscribe to the Homer Simpson school of New Year's resolutions, as in: "I hate trying. Trying is just the first step towards failure."

So far I'm doing very well on my New Year's non-resolutions! 100%! or is that 0% ???

CeridianMN said...

I think a big part of the problem with New Years Resolutions is timing. They are made at the end of a period of high-stress and change from the normal routine. They are then immediately followed by a period of going back to routine in an attempt to lower stress. Attempting to make big changes while simultaneously restoring routine in an effort to reduce stress? No wonder so many fail!

I prefer to use the end of May as a time of New Years reflection and resolution. While it may seem random the truth is that I finished my time in the USN at the end of May, and since then it has just seemed like a good time for change to me.

Aviatrix said...

I see your point, Ceridian. For some people I think it is a good time to change because seeing as how your routine is switching anyway--from sleep in, run around like crazy, eat too much, stay up too late back to something appropriate for work--why not switch it to what it should be instead of to what it was before the holiday? The little change of writing a different number for the year every time you write the date is a reminder that this is a new year with new habits.

I also like to make events like my birthday, the equinoxes and the summer solstice, or even the beginning of the month, times of renewal. It's always a new moment but sometimes the external reminder helps me seize it.