Monday, April 04, 2005

Oh for the Unisex Silver Jumpsuit

As conclusive proof that I am an aviatrix, I'm trying to decide what to wear in Yellowknife. I always have to think twice what to wear to a pilot job interview. The traditional things to wear to job interviews are suits. A guy can put on the same tie he wears to work, iron a shirt, put on a suit jacket with uniform pants, and look great. A guy's suit looks almost like a pilot uniform. But a woman's suit involves a skirt, stockings, and high heels. While I have no objection to wearing things like that, and can even turn heads (towards, not away from me), it always strikes me as silly to apply for a job wearing something that would hinder one from doing that job. I've never worn a skirt to even a big city job interview. And if I turned up in Yellowknife like that, it would be a tossup whether I'd be laughed out of town or freeze to death first.

Have you ever heard this one: "If the airport has an ILS, wear a tie and shiny shoes. If it's only a non-precision approach, wear boots and jeans." I think I need to leave the tie behind and dress like a clean, responsible, sober lumberjack. But I'm not quite sure of the details. I need to be myself, act natural, appear well turned out, and not be too dorky. That's a lot to ask of an outfit.

I long for the future when we all wear unisex silver jumpsuits. The wrinkle-proof fabric will still look great as I get out of my flying car, too. Until everyone agrees to wear them, it would, however, fail the dorkiness test.

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Anonymous said...

Yellowknife? I'd say boots and jeans