Saturday, January 29, 2005

Randy's Journal

Randy Baseler, VP Marketing at Boeing, has started a weblog. He remarks in a recent post that Randy's Journal, as he calls it, has attracted plenty of attention in its first week. But what kind of attention?

I added Randy's Journal to my sidebar using a free service called Blogrolling, not the only way to track blog links, but certainly a very popular one. I was the very first (and so far the only) Blogrolling user who intends to keep reading it. I Googled for sites linking to Randy's Blog, hoping to find blogs resembling mine. Every hit was a web pundit or a communications expert, talking not so much about Mr. Baseler's ideas, as the concept of marketing by weblog. I can't even find a link from

Aviation folk don't seem to have taken an interest. That may be because there isn't much to see. The only point he has made (repeatedly) in four posts and eleven days has been "hub-to-hub bad, point-to-point good." Okay Randy, we got it the first time. There's no mention of the demise of the 717.

He notes that the first rule of blogging is to be brief. That may be so, but people will keep reading if you have something to say. Other rules featuring prominently in the top five are "update regularly" and "be original".

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Anonymous said...

There are about five rules for a frequently-read and commented-on blog.
1. Bloggers love to read about blogging. Comment on the process sometimes if bloggers read your stuff.
2. Post regularly and often.
3. Post good stuff.
4. Do not overlap posts by interrupting one post with another or making two posts closer together than you regularly post (i.e., hopefully daily).
5. To implement #2, 3 and 4, post in a word processor and save it. You can keep a few "in the can" for dry periods, especialy reminiscences. If you get two posting ideas in too short a time, save one.
6.BONUS RULE!! Read and comment in other blogs. They will tend to return the favor and may plug yours in theirs.